​A progress report

I have not been receiving the financial support I would appreciate. I will continue to tweet my last Indiegogo campaign. I have deleted some videos that are not available for NADOTI to use at this time. I plan to reorganize my content. My life details at


I have been very busy preparing to return to law school. I had to take a leave of absence and now owe the school $7,000 for a semester I did't use. I paid back some of the money I borrowed to get there and now I don't know how I will pay for my room and board in the fall. I have also been trying very hard to gain some type of financial boost to rebuild the site. I want the site to operate more intuitively and provide the content it wants to offer including sales. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT. HAVE A NICE SPRING 04/22/2016 04:01

     The first time I heard of the Internet my mom still carried me. I was on a ship to shore call with my Dad who was returning from Vietnam. He told me about the new network that was coming and I said cool. I was five then I am fifty -one now. I have started this site for myself and others who spend an inordinate amount of time on the Internet.

     I consider this site primarily a singles site. It will offer content for everyone. Though the articles and options available will be for one individual in front of a computer. The long-term goals include the ability to watch movies, listen to music, and play games while video chatting. The site is being built to inspire international communication about international media. Please bare with us as the site will continually change.

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A Vision

A Dream





These devices will offer messaging, media play, international telecommunication, An International find ME or MY BELONGING OPTION, and MEMORY, It will be A WEATHER PROOF piece of life equipment.


Michael Kirby Simpson



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The rebuild maybe nine months, I expect a year before the relaunch.

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I have not been adding as much content as I could. I have not revisited all the content I have added. I need someone to write articles about music and movies. I myself need to review movies and music. I need to be consistent with my post. I have been working on other projects. I need some feedback. I had 442 visitors last month. If you visit please send something to post or leave a comment. I makes me feel like you care.

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People use the Internet night and day all the time. People use the Internet most when they are mobile. People are mobile the most when they travel.

N.A.D.O.T.I. supports climate change conscious environmentally sustainable travel by offering a service that leaves a small environmental foot print.

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A progress report

A progress report

​A progress report



A progress report

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

I will no longer bore you with the details 

of the ugliness of my life. If you want to know more details read my blog at 


I am on my second crowd fund for this site 

at https://igg.me/at/visit-NADOTI/x/1224699 

Please contribute. I applied for a loan

from a bank. I was denied because of my credit and have responded. I plan to wait and look into building a solid sustainable 

media library before I start to add more 

media. I also want to consider organization. My plan is to allow students, 

professionals, amateurs, media artists of all levels to upload their content for others to enjoy. The site will have several subscription rates including free. I am always looking for help so please inquire within. I would like the site to be a place for people to meet, and share common media interest. I have always hoped to develop the idea of this site with people who believed in the potential of NADOTI.com.



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