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6. What: Skateboarding for fifty (50) year olds

     Hold hands while you skate, the who lets go the most losses. You must talk while you skate.

5. What: Classic Hopscotch

     Need we say more?

2. What: The Pick-Up Contest


                Don't be shy walk up to that guy, and say what you please to bring him to his knees. Don't be coy, be yaself boy show that girl your toy, and get her to fall for your ploy.

Awards will be given to the agreed upon best.

1. What: Hide and go seek and get it. 

               (Pick or bring someone to find you. The person finds you. You tell them something about you in a short story. Then you send them on a short search for something in the story.) Be a Storyteller and bring something small or A Listener.

    When: TBD


    Why: It is fun to play like you did when you were a child. A good way to meet people one on one. A fun way to have fun as a group.





4. What: Meat me at the Market.

     We shall meet, pick meat, and eat.

3. What: I go , you go, we match.

                Meet up with other singles and attend the Rodium to shop and argue over articles to purchase.